From a Christian biblical foundation Dr. Searcy takes an eclectic approach to counseling utilizing as needed the insights and methods of most major therapies. He relies heavily on cognitive behavior therapy, psychodynamics and family systems. 

SearcyCare Provides


SearcyCare provides:

· Marriage & family therapy

· Counseling for Rape (Sexual Assault) · Counseling for sex & gender based violence

· Counseling for Spouse abuse

· Counseling for Child abuse

· Capacity building of local professionals & NGOs, schools & medical clinics

· Counseling for transient families mobile staff, and distance separated spouses

· Crisis & Short Term counseling

· Trauma & Critical Incidence Debriefing


· Grief therapy

· Suicide prevention

· Counseling for coping with children and families with disabilities such as ADHD

· HIV/AIDS counseling for the patient, family and community

· Pastoral counseling

· Counseling for Stress related issues

· Relaxation therapy

· Counseling for Culture shock & cross-cultural reentry (reverse culture shock)

SearcyCare also provides· Consultancy for development projects

· Seminars for team and capacity  building and preparation for the diffusion of innovations in development projects

· Development of schools, churches and clinics.